Felt – send handwritten cards from your iPad via SxSW 2014

Felt logo

Felt was a finalist in the Accelerator Social Technology category at SxSW 2014.  This iPad application lets you create handwritten cards that are mailed for you.

Using their pretty slick iPad application, you choose the type of event card you want to send from Felt, including awesome artwork ones that can be used for anything. I like the fact they offer cards that are not just built around holidays and events, yet have very good artwork.  You can also find some simple ones.

Felt card selection

After choosing the card style, you flip it open in the Felt app and choose a pen type and color to write your note.  Many people should ask, what am I using to write this? Well as luck would have it we have reviewed what we think is one of the best stylus available for fine point writing.  See our product review on the Adonit Jot Pro 2.  Using the stylus write anywhere on the card.  Since it is digital different colors could be done for multiple person signed cards.

Felt cardwriting screen

Here is the other cool part. You then flip the screen again and actually write the to and from addresses. It then prints on the envelope in your handwriting! To me there is no difference in a printed card with my handwriting versus pen ink.  They claim to use some printing that replicates handwriting as form the examples it is great.

Felt envelope preview

Felt merges technology with the feeling you get when someone writes you an actual card or letter and mails it. I am sure the USPS appreciates this too.  The total cost for US based delivery is $3.99.  This includes the card and mailing.  How long does it take?

We do our best to send cards within 24 hours. You’ll get an email when we drop your card in the mail. We proudly use the trusty US Postal Service’s First Class Mail, which arrives at most destinations within 2-5 business days. Remember, good things are worth waiting just a little bit longer for!

That is just as long as me doing it myself. Since usually I let something sit a day or two before actually going to a physical post office.This is a great idea done in a well designed app.  Go ahead and head over to iTunes on your iPad and search for Felt.