Social Identity – Public Personal Private at SxSW 2014 (video)

Social Identity in the world

Presented at SxSW 2014, Social Identity is not just your socially shared content, but your identity you build on the public and personal social networks that affect you privately.

In this recorded session I walk through the definition of social identity and how to split it into personas. I show where we have all made the worst mistakes along the way and how to get out of exposing our social identity.

With the amount of private identity data we share accidentally across the social sites and the amount of public data we use in our private site we open ourselves to security risks. With no tangible benefit in the sharing. Explore this topic with me in the session below.

Please share this video and post with whomever you feel needs to change how they handle their identity.

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  • Kesha Brown

    Yeah, it would take me a year too to clean up everything! Kidding, fortunately for me, I’m organized so have all of my info recorded where I can easily change things and know what info I’m using for each. Boy, here I thought I was doing good by having different passwords for everything! Sheesh 🙂