Streem launches to offer unlimited cloud storage for one flat rate

Streem logo

Streem is launching Streem Drive to offer unlimited cloud storage and streaming for one flat monthly rate. Should offerings Dropbox, Box, Copy and others be worried? Maybe they should since Streem will also offer 20GB of free space to everyone to get you hooked.

Streem is taking a new approach with unlimited storage by utilizing deduplication of cloud files and using proprietary technology to stream movies and audio to your devices. They hope they can compensate and estimate the large need for space many of us have. They also must hope we have many of the same files apparently.

Files are opened natively on the device, requiring no special software, configuration, or any change in the consumer’s behavior. Large videos are instantly streamed using proprietary adaptive bitrate streaming technology, giving consumers the best possible quality without any lag, no matter the device or bandwidth.

Sharing a link to files and making public folders is all part of the package and what is expected from any cloud storage provider.  Folders, security and all the regular things seem to be in place. Performance from other reviewers seems good but time will tell when they start to load up users.

The change is the way they went to a flat tier for pricing.  Streem is offering a free month for referrals. Dropbox gives you 500MB for each person you invite with a maximum limit of 16GB. Sites like Copy give you 5GB for each referral with no limit. Since Streem gives you unlimited space you could ride for aree for a long time with enough constant paying referrals.  All the cloud storage services are in a race to convince users to upload everything they own to the cloud for anywhere access and some for of guaranteed availability.

Streem will be $20/month for unlimited space.  Dropbox gives 100GB for only $9.99/month on top of their small free space.  Copy offers 250GB for $10/month on top of their free and referral space.  Box jumps in with 1000GB for $15/month but has many restrictions on their free plans.

You can try out Streem for free right here.

You can get Dropbox right here

You can get space right here