Checky helps you stop checking your phone so much – Virtual Gratification Syndrome

checky screenshot

How many times a day do you check your phone or tablet? Checky can help by telling you the number of times and where you do it using the location services built into your device.  The idea of the free application is to inform you where and how often you keep checking for that Virtual Gratification Syndrome (VGS).  Think about your own habits and when you unlock that screen.

  • In the car?  Of course
  • In the elevator? Yes
  • At lunch? Always
  • At dinner? If the other person does
  • In bed? Oh yeah
  • Randomly because you have to? VGS

The Checky app does point you to the other app they make for meditation, which isn’t free. But using the simple display you get a feel for how you trend during the week.  Checky does not know how long you were on the device, just that you checked it.  I can see this being linked to things like Facebook or IFTT to set alerts and show who can check the least amount of times.  Or help you curn that VGS habit by slowing you down some.  Maybe even setting specific times or places you check your devices.

I am going to see how my trends are and update this later.  Don’t forget how VGS can affect you each day. Read all the VGS articles here on TheSocialNetworker.