StarStar MyInfo – contact sharing with no app required

StarStar My Info

StarStar MyInfo has taken a new approach to contact and business card sharing for mobile devices. There is no app to download, no bumping of cell phones and no sending contacts via SMS.  The person simply dials ** (followed by your phone number) and they are told that they will get a link to your shared contact card. Your phone then gets a text message, with a link, saying who has requested your contact information to confirm the sending.

StarStar MyInfo experience

After clicking the link., you are then able to choose sending a personal or business profile card (or both) to the requester. This allows you to have a couple personas established depending on if it is business or friendly encounter.  What I did not like is the inability to simply reply via text to approve the sending of my card. Why could I not have responded with a 1,2 or 3 saying send personal, business or both. Instead I always have to launch a web browser. That made it a bit cumbersome and multiple clicks needed.

The mobile interface then keeps a history of when I interacted with that phone number. I also wish it allowed me to tag or sort these interactions. I could then easily tell when I met this person and where. As well as note any other important information.

On the requester’s phone they get a vcard to easily import your information into their contacts.  A link is also sent where they can sign up to follow you card and receive updates as you change your contact info.  That makes it easy for everyone to stay in touch.  But note you should let the requester know they will be getting at least two text messages when after they call your ** number.


Overall setting up the service was quite simple.  You dial **MyInfo (694636) from your cell phone or enter your phone number on their webpage.  I tried three times to enter the number on the webpage and never got a setup text.  But the moment I dialed the number from my phone and confirmed via the dialpad, I instantly had a text from there and was able to begin setup.

CREATE Enter the contact information you want to share with others. (Don’t worry, we don’t share data with any third parties or marketing lists.)

 CALL Have people dial ** plus your phone number from their mobile phones. They don’t need an app or a **myInfo account to receive your info.

 SEND We’ll text approved callers the info you choose to share (personal or professional), which they can easily add to their phone.

 UPDATE When your info changes, you can choose to send updates to your contacts.

StarStar MyInfo also added LinkedIn integration to help make setting up the card for business personas easier by grabbing data (that is editable) straight from LinkedIn. I chose that option so make setup even faster as it was current.  You can also fill in the form manually to create both a business and personal profile. Make sure you click the button to add custom fields so you can include social profiles. They definitely need to add Instagram and some freeform ones.

Once I had filled in all the information I set a quick pin code to protect changes and I was all set.  So from now on I simply tell the person to text ** and my phone number and I can approve the sending of my contact data. No other application or trading of information is needed.  Quite quick and cool.


I like the idea that removes the need for apps or NFC on both phones.  I have seen this very attempt before from some other services. But I quickly forget about them as people still like physical cards for business contacts (drives me nuts) or you send a text or call someone quickly for personal connections. This is a change in behavior compared to how we do it today. Hopefully they can increase the offering to make it more attractive to the everyday person and not just the geeks. But it did work well and I will try it out.  I would also like to have a couple more cards as options. Think if you had a side business or were doing promotions.