Western Digital is closing MioNet – personal private network

MioNet logo

Western Digital has announced that the MioNet service wrapped around their WD Network Storage is being closed. Western Digital offered remote access via any browser or their mobile app to your files stored on their WD storage devices. Unfortunately this appears not be a sustainable business model per this announcement yesterday. You could find the MioNet service with the My Book Live and My Book World drives.

MioNet Customers with Month-to-Month Subscriptions

Beginning in March 2015, WD will no longer accept monthly subscriptions for the MioNet Service. The MioNet Service, though, will continue to be available free of charge to month-to-month subscribers until March 31, 2016, at which time the MioNet Service will be discontinued.

MioNet Customers with Annual Subscriptions

Beginning in March 2015, WD will no longer accept annual subscriptions for the MioNet Service. Customers with annual subscriptions will receive the MioNet service for the remainder of their subscription period, and will then continue to have access to the MioNet Service free of charge through March 31, 2016.

Other vendors, such as Transporter, are also trying to survive in the industry where you do not want to store your files in public shared clouds like DropBox, Copy or Box.  MioNet had a slew of capabilities but I do not think the average consumer was taking advantage of the subscription model offered. They bought these My World drives to backup computers, transport files with them or have them in the small office and home as a shared resource.  Paying a fee to have them accessible everywhere competes with the free (limited space) sharing the other services I mentioned offered.

If you use MioNet your subscription will continue but will not renew. So start moving some files to other services. I am currently like the 15GB free from Copy.com. Use my referral link to get your free space today.