GoGo Entertainment app review – GoGo quickly away from it

Many airlines are turning their in-flight entertainment over to GoGo Entertainment (who also controls GoGo Internet in the flights). The use and flow of this application as an entertainment server is horrid. Here is my story.

On a recent American Airlines flight (formerly US Air leg from St Louis to Charlotte) I noticed all the in seat music was disabled. The magazine and agents directed me to the GoGo Internet to then hook into the GoGo Entertainment to get the music, movies and TV shows. I presumed some would be free and some would be pay. I presumed I could use any newer device for sure. I successfully connected to the GoGo Internet and the link given to get the entertainment was invalid. Here is the link they give in the magazine

American Way Magazine entertainment














Now attempting to go tho that page while in fight or even here at the computer shows that it is invalid; the page could not be displayed. The real link is http://content.gogoair.com/american-we/ or http://videoonaa.com to get to the right page.

aa.com error


















So I found myself in a conundrum. Amazingly Google worked and I found the webpage with the links I needed. To no surprise there was an app called GoGo Entertainment (used to be GoGo Video Player) you had to download for Android or iOS.  Being in the air neither of them would download. Some reviews have said they go it to work but this just gave errors. So I decided to wait till the flights home (same path in reverse) and to get the app before I got on the plane. Side note I should mention is that this second leg down was First Class, International and over three hours and still had no entertainment.

I successfully downloaded the app both on Android and iOS (I wanted to be sure) and headed to the flights home.  After a long delay of saying GoGo Internet had no access to the Internet it finally connected.  I was then greeted with a page that said I had no content so please browse the catalog. I happily said yes and was sent to a web browser page and not a page in the app itself.  The web then only shows some movies and a few more rentals.  Nothing for free. No music. No content that is regularly free when on board.  Nothing free like Southwest Airlines offers (both free and paid using your own device).

So not only was the app not there the entire first flights down, but then there was no content to view or listen to for the entire way back. I do not see how AA can turn on the in flight free music channels that have been there forever. Maybe they are saving royalty payments? But to then offer an app you cannot get easily (bad links then cannot donwload) to only find limited content is a killer deal.

I hope @AmericanAir sees this article and fixes the links and the entire process/agreement with GoGo if this is their future entertainment plans.