Apps to spy on your childrens mobile phones

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We look at the growing number of apps that spy on the mobile phone activity of your children.  An increasing number of parents feel the need to spy on their children’s cell phones to keep up with who they talk to and what they share. One thing to remember is that all of the data you are tracking is being sent from your child’s phone to the Internet and then stored there. While all of these services use encryption to store the data, the fear it is out there is always on our mind.

While we feel there are better ways, we look at the growing market of applications. A step you can take on a schedule, or even better randomly, is to sit with your child and ask to see their phone. Browse through the pictures, apps and contacts.  Learn the slang they use in texts. Check for history in the Direct Messages of Instagram, Facetime talks and more.  Compare it to how  your job owns your work email content, computer and provided phone if you are paying the bill you own theirs.

Remember that cyber bullying is a real issue and we are proud to be on the Board of Directors for the Megan Meier Foundation. You should be involved with your kid online activity and have open communication. Do not rely only on these applications.

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Below is some of the top apps for monitoring your child’s mobile phone activity.


mSpy is often referred to as a leader in mobile monitoring across the devices. They handle both phones and computers which makes them a great solution if your child also has a laptop or computer. Find your child with GPS tracking, see emails, check who they call and who they save as contacts and dig into apps like WhatsApp, SnapChat, Skype, Tinder and more.

Another key feature is allowing certain apps to be installed and even blocking others. Go as far as actual key logging (seeing what they type) to remotely locking or wiping the data. My favorite is even being alerted when mSpy is removed from a device.  They have an online demo for you to see as well. Prices vary from $16-$30 a month for services.

See their great online demo right here on mSpy.


TeenSafe application has a large range of capabilities for iPone and Android (capabilities vary per operating system).  It reads text messages, shares location of the device, views call logs, views Instagram, views installed applications and integrates with a list of others like WhatsApp, Kik, web history and even contacts on the phone.

Prices show as $14.95 a month after a one week free trial.

TeenSafe Monitoring versus Spying


PhoneSheriff offers quite a few features for tweens and teens including limiting times they can use the phone.

  • Block phone numbers from calls and text messages
  • Set custom time restrictions and block apps you choose
  • Monitor text messages and get custom activity alerts
  • Real time location tracking and lock commands
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad

Pricing was $49 for six months of service or $89 for a full year.

PhoneSheriff dashboard


There is quite a few more programs doing the very same thing. We wish we had time to rank and review them all. If you know of one that you want reviewed let us know. Also, give us some feedback if you monitor your kids this way.