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Social Identity in Three Layers interview with Pelpina Trip

Social Identity in Three Layers interview with Pelpina Trip

I had the opportunity to be interviewed while at SxSW 2012 in Austin, TX  by my friend Pelpina Trip.  She is the host of WebWatching and published through FrankWatching, a large Netherlands based website portal.

I define the three layers for a social identity in this brief introduction to what will soon be a published book on social identity layers and steps to start creating your own layers now.  Including fake personas for security verifications on sites.

The video has taken off.  Much thanks to Pelpina, the film crew and FrankWatching.


Announcement: Social Stalking is now part of TheSocialNetworker

I am happy and relieved to announce that Social Stalking has now been merged and will be part of TheSocialNetworker.  Welcome to all the readers and subscribers from Social Stalking to a much larger pool of content.  Readers will now get the best of both sites in one location.

A while ago, there was a definite need to separate the content for all the social media site reviews, issues and concerns with privacy that I covered in live seminars, screencasts and blog postings.  Those lines have been blurred.

I have played with the idea of merging the content for some time and new developments in direction of content, writing and outside influence made the decision easy.

All of the past security and privacy content from has been merged into this site in the exact location and dates with redirections set from the previous site.  Screencasts will cover both topics, web and live events will cover both and blended content will be easier to follow.

So welcome to the moved readers and for those already here, welcome to the new content.

Facebook Messages – control your privacy

Facebook Messages have begun rolling out to everyone at a slow pace.  If you never allowed them to have email before, they will soon.  Facebook Messages gives everyone the ability to have an email address and a chosen username.  If you have been limiting your kids from email all this time, it will be automatic for them according to Facebook.

Facebook,Facebook Messages,privacy,email

They also handle the interaction differently.  You are able to send and receive email just as messages would appear.  This ability open them to communication outside of the walled garden of Facebook itself. There are steps you can take to limit the communication of this new email ability through privacy controls.  We have a screencast and podcast (both from our sister sites TheSocialNetworker and TheSocialGeeks) does a quick walkthrough of the setup procedures and links to important help files.

The new privacy settings interested me more after reading them twice.  You are able to set the level of who can email you based on everyone, friends of friends and just friends.  that part fits the other models Facebook has implemented.  However, friends are able to email you from any email address they register with Facebook.  So this is a reverse privacy issue.

When you established your account with Facebook you provided a single email address.  Most people only have one.  Now Facebook is asking you to enter all of your possible email addresses so you could email in to any friend from any of them.  This gives Facebook even more information on you as a person by associating email names, domains and possibly company names (if you use your company email) with your profile.  People have not given this portion that much thought.

I would suggest you head out and quickly claim your name on Facebook, even if you do not use the email functions, ever.   An example is my network page on Facebook.  The URL would be (if you feel like becoming part, it is where I funnel all of my information on Facebook).  So read the linked help files in the sister postings, watch the short screencast and get your Facebook Messages under control early.

You can see the entire screencast in HD on YouTube or embedded below.

School Superintendent suspended after Facebook post

We have too many Facebook posting stories to cover each week, but this stood out in the common sense arena.  A Connecticut Superintendent of the Windsor Locks area, David Telesca, has been put on leave after comments found on his Facebook page, according to website.  He did himself in right away after starting the new job and having the following occur:

The Hartford Courant reports Telesca wrote on Facebook that his first day on the $150,000-a-year job involved “counseling an administrator to retire or face termination,” and ended the comment with a smiley face.

He also wrote that he slept until 10 a.m. on his first day, and it would be “the best job ever” if that happened every day.

Apparently he is unhappy they caught and monitor such things as his Facebook page and says it is a violation of his contract.  This is where we step in.

Many of you know we offer training to parents, school officials and educators about proper usage and expectations in social network settings.  I imagine that there is no policy in place he signed or otherwise agreed to about such monitoring and fair usage.  We also know he allowed people associated with the district to see hos postings on the site through approving friend requests or opening his feed publicly.  Either way a certain level of conduct is always expected, but rarely enforceable.

We are finalizing the date for a webcast for training on this very topic for educators.  Join the email list to get notified under the Social Stalking list