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Foursquare Ambassador program – does your company have one?

Foursquare has launched/expanded a new program for some of the more active and influential users on the network called Foursquare Ambassadors.  The result is they send you a stack of pre-printed business cards (shown below) with your custom URL and information about businesses and joining Foursquare.

Foursquare Ambassador

The goal is to make using the service more valuable through a grassroots effort to target businesses.   When the business signs up they can claim their location to begin seeing statistical information about the check-ins at their location.  Want to see the peak time of day people check in, it is there.  Read more about it and if you are still not a Foursquare member, sign up right here, right now.


So this brings the question of how your company expands your offerings?  Do you build a social program to get grass roots effort involved in expanding your business?  Are you visible on the web as well as through word of mouth?  Do you garner support from other companies trying to use your services?  These are steps that help drive the ecosystem.

Have you developed a program that excites the community to evangelize your products?  Are there rewards? Praise for the investment of time and energy?  These all become part of the plan to mobilize a local group to reach out.  I sat back at Lotusphere 2011 last week as they introduced Social Business.  I now wait to see how they get me excited about evangelism.