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How to revoke and block third-party Instagram app access to your account

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How do you revoke and block third-party app access to your Instagram account? Here are the steps required. Instagram has numerous third-party applications that people are allowing access to their account by loading them on their devices and via the web.

Everytime you add another application, it prompts you to log in using your Instagram username and password via their authentication API. By doing this, you are then giving certain rights to that application.  Some rights you may give are:

  • Access your basic information (Includes photos, friend lists & profile info)
  • Like photos
  • Comment on photos
  • Follow/Unfollow other users

Keep in mind some of these apps only do the above with your express permission, while others may do it automatically.  You have to pay special attention to what permissions the third-party app is looking for. To start checking what apps have what access and to revoke third-party access you need to access your Instagram account via the web.

Instagram login box

Once logged in, click on your image and name in the upper right and select Edit Profile. You will then get a list of options on the left side that allow everything from changing your password, editing your profile and managing applications.  That is where we are headed.

I’ve stopped automatically updating my mobile Android apps

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I have had enough and stopped allowing automatic updates to my Android apps from Google Play. Done. Finished. Period.

With each new release flying out the door from the majority of the developers I have seen slowness, features stop working, loss of account data and constant crashing. Reviews from other users pour in with the same complaints. I have reloaded my OS cleanly.  The phone is brand new. It is the apps.

Let’s talk about some examples that I reverted back at least one or two versions:

  • Foursquare – crashes, location issues being too far away with GPS and wifi on, force closes
  • Waze social GPS – resetting of privacy, crashes, forced Facebook hooks
  • Fring – loss of friends, requirement of Fring Out, loss of deposited funds
  • Square Register – forced wifi (even if none available) for some transactions
  • Shazam – numerous “connection cannot be made” complaints scared me off
  • Facebook – An introduced slowness on refreshes, crashes, loss of picture uploading abilities

That is a starter list of applications I am refusing to update from Google Play.  I keep checking back in on them and look for more recent updates that may have fixed issues.

I know there are so many different Android devices and flavors to account for.  I know that it is hard to cover them all.  But when users across all types of newer devices have the same complaint, something in the code went wrong and leads me to think testing was not done enough.

I appreciate Flipboard for example.  I have been on four of their latest beta builds. We can report bugs, UI issues and more.  When I load the new gold update I never have an issue. They are testing it right.  While they are larger, no matter what you size you need better testing.

So what about you? Are you allowing Android to update all your mobile apps automatically? Have you switched to manual and started reading reviews first? Give me some feedback here, Google Plus or Twitter.

SxSW Live: Isis and Banjo app reviews

Welcome to SxSW 2012 everyone.  We are already deep into countless apps being launched and pitched.  Paul and I are kicking off the mobile app reviews with Isis and Banjo.

Isis really isn’t launching, yet again this year we find out.  Isis is a Near field communication technology providing your mobile device the ability to become a digital wallet.  By being in close proximity to the payment terminal and entering your pin, you can quickly check out.

Other capabilities later would include sharing information and data between devices.  They are working with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile right now to get this technology out there.  We were a bit shocked to see such a nice display and demo area for them not even being a real product again this year.

Next up was another location based service called Banjo.  This app for iOS and Android hooks into your social networks and alerts you (or not depending on your setting) if someone you know is close by.  It will also see those publicly sharing their location.  See our full review and concerns in the show.

Launching new #SXSW annual event – the “Great Uninstall”

While flying back from SXSW I was drafting numerous blog posts to get my ideas down right away.  I then drifted into seeing which applications needed to still have reviews written or performed and it took me down a dark road.

While at SXSW you are inundated with fancy QR codes, people handing out flyers and all say they are the hot new app.  I am not one to not try each and every application at least once.  I like to see what they do exactly the same, different and if they will have sticking power.  I dedicate a page on Android and iOS, then a folder on BlackBerry.  What I have is a crap load of applications.

So this year I want every to participate in the Great Uninstall, with a request.  I want you to comment here all of the applications you refused to load from SXSW and what you have uninstalled.

We will make this an annual event.  A very light pseudo survey of what apps make it out of the launch grind.  I will start reviewing applications and why I kept or removed them.  I write or screencam honestly each time.  I find features I like, ones I am confused by and ones that just do not make sense.  Place some of those comments as well.

If you decide to write your own posting, just make a comment with the link back, no issue.  I am trying to find some logic into the sheer number of applications that people attempt to run and then watch as you settle back into just a few.

I am not slighting any one platform here.  I am going across each and every one with removal in my eyes.  I am weighing how useful they were onsite, here outside of SXSW and long term possibilities.  If they make the round one cut, I will perform one more in a few weeks based on if I use it again or not (after this first run) and then make final selections.

In the end I hope to remove even some older ones I never use, add some new and streamline my productivity even more with the final set.