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Apps to spy on your childrens mobile phones

Social Identity in the world

We look at the growing number of apps that spy on the mobile phone activity of your children.  An increasing number of parents feel the need to spy on their children’s cell phones to keep up with who they talk to and what they share. One thing to remember is that all of the data you are tracking is being sent from your child’s phone to the Internet and then stored there. While all of these services use encryption to store the data, the fear it is out there is always on our mind.

While we feel there are better ways, we look at the growing market of applications. A step you can take on a schedule, or even better randomly, is to sit with your child and ask to see their phone. Browse through the pictures, apps and contacts.  Learn the slang they use in texts. Check for history in the Direct Messages of Instagram, Facetime talks and more.  Compare it to how  your job owns your work email content, computer and provided phone if you are paying the bill you own theirs.

Remember that cyber bullying is a real issue and we are proud to be on the Board of Directors for the Megan Meier Foundation. You should be involved with your kid online activity and have open communication. Do not rely only on these applications.

Watch me in the following video that aired Jul 2016 on KSDK (NBC) News Channel 5 about this very topic before we look at apps.  Follow me on every network as @IdoNotes (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and everything else)

Below is some of the top apps for monitoring your child’s mobile phone activity.

VIOlight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer hands-on review and unboxing

The UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is a new device from VIOlight to clean up to 99.9% of the germs found on your electronic gadgets. 

Basically anything you can fit into the cleaner will be blasted with UV light for a few minutes of UV light cleaning power.  Here is the video walk through of the un-boxing and usage.

One distinct thing to note is that this is killing the unseen germs, not making your device shiny.  I suggest using some form of cleaner to get off all the normal stuff, smudges and smears from your devices and then tossing it in.  There is an included basket to hang your earbuds, stash your bluetooth headsets and more.  A graphical sizer sits on the outside of the box.  I was easily able to place my HTC Evo (including Siedio case) into the cleaner.

I know you sit and wonder if it really did it’s job?  Someone in the office noticed the ozone odor on their Blackberry after using it.  I am guessing that it is doing it’s job! Do not forget, it takes 3 AA batteries to operate.  We have not needed to change batteries after at least thirty uses of the device so far.

You can also watch the review in full HD at my YouTube channel

Disclosure: The device was sent as an evaluation unit with no guarantee of what type of review would be given.  The links to the product are Amazon affiliate.  The video is all mine 🙂