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What the iOS 7 app update icons mean

iOS 7 has introduced many features including changes to the icons in the Updates section of the App Store. Here is what the new app update icons mean.

The first screen after being notified in the App Store that you have updates will show as below. You can still update apps individually or Update All at the top.

iOS 7 update notifications

iOS 7 update notifications


After clicking the Update for each app or the Update All at the top you will see the icons change to the the below image.  Notice the blue open circle. While it spins it is checking for the valid update and prompts you for your Apple ID and password.

The iOS 7 font color

Everyone is talking about all the changes in iOS 7 including the font color, lock screen, status bar and folder changes.  One of the things driving me crazy is how iOS 7 decides the font color under the applications on the home screen and bottom application bar.

iOS 7 font color

As you can see above, the application titles on mine are now black.  They were white with one of the default backgrounds that I had chosen way back in maybe iOS 5.  It seems that iOS 7 picks the predominate color of your wallpaper and then assigns black or white to the font color.  That is it.  No other choice or option.  This is fine on super dark backgrounds when it chooses white.  Or the reverse on all white images (like the one I hunted down) and it chooses black.

But for those images that sit somewhere in the middle. Maybe edging is darker and the middle more white.  Maybe there is light colors at all the wrong places.  No matter what the reason, iOS 7 takes it upon itself to make the decision for you. You can spend more time looking for new backgrounds that work well than just having a solid color background and calling it a day.

I also disike the Parallax feature so I disabled it but you still need the right images.  My current site to hit for images is Parallaxize.  They are awesome.


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VivaStream – connect to attendees and information or not

vivastream logo

VivaStream is an app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry that is supposed to help connect you to people before, during and after events and conferences. I have seen attempts like this before with Lanyrd, Plancast and some smaller launches. I also predict that VivaStream will fall to the same fate after testing it.

Vivastream tells you Who to Know based on your interests, profile, and skills, and helps you connect and interact with other like- minded individuals before, during and after the event.

I walked through the setup of VivaStream in this picture slideshow and was not impressed with this application even with the decent mobile look. After looking at the limited amount of downloads on Android and iOS and the low reviews it received, I am not surprised.

VivaStream launch screen on Android

The first image above shows the initial registration screen using Android.  You can create an account directly with VivaStream or authenticate with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I chose to create my own account as shown in the second image and then link social accounts later if I found value.

I did receive a verification email as expected. Once inside the application you are able to edit your profile. This was very basic. I could add my first name, last name, position and company. However adding a picture via the mobile interface was not possible on Android. I did find it via the web interface (more on that later).

Waze social GPS now in iOS 6 maps

Some time ago I loaded Waze, a social GPS application, on my Android device. (See myWaze logo review of my HTC EVO 4G LTE on YouTube).  The purpose of Waze is to leverage other users in your area to help with real-time traffic updates and reporting.

I was curious how well the turn-by-turn performed coupled with rerouting based on traffic conditions as reported by the other users.

Waze allows you to set a home and work destination and will begin to learn your normal route and times helping build a table of when traffic is slow and you should investigate alternatives.

What I did appreciate is how Waze reported delays in my path, including police presence an offered on the fly rerouting abilities.  The more users in your area with the application running, the better the traffic  results of course.

Waze map sample

Waze also included a gamification capability for Wazers (their term) with points for using the application, reporting police, obstacles, accidents and hazards.  Facebook can be connected to help you find other Waze users and optional profile fields give you some rudimentary options.  The more points you earn the options you have for you car on the map that shows to other users.  They are creative in gamification. Privacy was not an issue as you are able to show yourself on the map or be invisible with a bunch more options in your profile.

Waze also allows you to update the map for road changes helping other drivers when construction moves something or a closing take place. This was interesting to see how drivers became the update source instead of relying on Google Maps or other engines to update.

Later I found groups when using the application.  This allows you to create or join groups based on areas you drive to and from, events and more.  By grouping you get better feedback of road conditions of those that take the same roads you do.

Apple has chosen TomTom and Waze to help update it’s new map app, relying more on TomTom according to numerous published reports.

You can get Waze and become a Wazer on iOS, Android, some BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and even Nokia.  Over 20 million have already downloaded the app globally.