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TheSocialNetworker Episode 27 – Creating your Google Plus pages

With the launch yesterday of Google Plus pages for business, organizations and just about everyone else on the early adoptor bandwagon, I found even I wanted to make sure I took the right steps in the creation of pages.  Keeping in mind they are only allowing one manager per page, I had a few questions/  I created a screencast walkthrough of the setup with explanations of settings.  Check out the Spiked Studio page and add it to your circles!

Click through for the full HD version via the Spiked Studio page on YouTube!

There will be a part 2 for this explaining how to then hook your website of blog with the new Google Plus page.


TheSocialNetworker Episode 14 – Facebook Messages setup and privacy

NOTE: Make sure you listen to TheSocialGeeks Episode 30 that we recorded last night on the same topic.

In this short screencast I walk you through the coming setup for Facebook Messages and what privacy concerns you should have.  Pay special attention to the links below for the direct links to the help files on the new Facebook Messages you will all soon have rolled out.

Everyone should make sure you have selected a custom name on Facebook.  If not, this setup will force you to do so.  The sooner you grab one, the better your chance at getting the name you want.  You can see my personal URL in the screencast or better yet, join my Facebook Network.

Remember, you can find me as IdoNotes across all the networks

TheSocialNetworker Episode 13 – Seesmic Desktop 2 screencast

Seesmic launched version 2 of their desktop software, with a plug-in architecture included.  I walk through these are in the screencast:

  • setup
  • account management
  • options
  • the interface

and more in this less than 8 minutes.  Learn what I think and if it is worth you switching your existing client to.

Remember, you can find me as IdoNotes across all the networks

Facebook Privacy Tools reviewed

Over on TheSocialNetworker , there is a small series of screencasts showing off some Facebook Privacy checking tools.  With the recent changes Facebook  is providing at a whim, it is worth knowing what information you and your kids are showing to the world.  If you are currently unaware, a quick search would show numerous articles for your reading pleasure dealing in all parts of the comments from Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and overall commentary from the industry.  Some ones I suggest:

  • Mashable – Facebook and Privacy : It’s Time to Move On
  • Mashable – Facebook’s Changes in Zuckerberg’s Words
  • ReadWriteWeb – Facebook Privacy Briefing
  • or just search for even more…

Be just as careful when loading these tools and applications to make sure they are legitimate.  The screencasts will wlk you through what they do, how they access the data and if they provide a service for you.