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Skype is storing your file transfers in their cloud now – where and how long?

Skype logo

With the recent changes of Skype moving to a cloud based architecture some of you may be seeing a link when sending file transfers. These transfers used to be peer to peer. Skype has not issued any statement or documentation where or how long these file transfers are stored.

Skype File Transfer URL link

As part of Skype’s move to a cloud-based architecture, pictures sent via chat are now uploaded to the cloud. All of our Skype clients are currently moving to this new cloud-based architecture, and once we complete the rollout, your pictures will show (as normal) inside the conversation. For the moment, to view the picture that your contact sent, all you have to do is click the link and log in.

As Skype declares above, they are storing your files in their cloud and then presenting them to you inline or as a link. I am curious about the architecture behind this and the availability of the images long term. Can the images be found using simple URL replacement? Are they protected with some form of attribute so only those that were in the chat get get access? Or can anyone with the link that can authenticate into Skype get the file or image?

TheSocialNetworker Episode 16 – Skype iPhone video bug

While testing the new Skype client released for the iPhone/iPod/iPad today, Carl Tyler of Epilio found a big with the video switching.  We did a test so we could record the conversation and get screenshots to share.

Following is how we should appear in the windows on the iPhone or iPod with Skype using the front facing cameras.

(Carl could warn me next time I am blinking before he snapshots)  So that is his front facing camera on the iPhone 4 while we video conference test.  All is well, as he appears in the smaller window and me in the larger.

Next he switches to the back facing camera so he can conference and walk around  and you will see below how the iPhone and iPod Touch 4 both have flipped the video picture in picture (PIP).

I am now in the smaller one and he sees his own camera in the larger portion.  Would would anticipate that this would be reversed and act as the front facing.

We both also suffered freezes ending calls and having to reset the Skype client to get back for more tests.

For enjoyment, we also record his dog Jessie doing tricks like dead and electric food.  Enjoy the demo and get your client updated!  You can also watch this video in HD on YouTube on the new Spiked Studio channel.

Skype and Facebook – there goes separating business and personal (and LinkedIn?)

Facebook choosing Skype as the VOIP provider just caused a forced blend of your personal and business contacts.  I primarily use Skype for business needs and keep Facebook for personal.  In order to use the blended service effectively, I would need to add personal users to Skype and business users to Facebook.  I imagine this will happen through Facebook Connect for authentication.

I imagine Skype has seen a bump in registration (Buzz Study article) and business when the announcement unfolded.  If Skype unleashes Facebook Connect as an account creation and authentication mechanism, they look to double their user base.  At the same providing Facebook access to highly desires business connection data.  Imagine a system that shares contacts of over 1 billion people.

LinkedIn currently owns the business network connectivity and being able to create a social graph of business connections would open new doors for Facebook in advertising and revenue.  While Facebook does ask your employment, it is not a focus and limits building networks around enterprises.  LinkedIn would need to roll out a large set of features themselves to keep the focus on them as the business connectivity network.  Would a move to Google Voice be the right choice for them?

What will you do?  Start adding people to Skype?  Add people to Facebook?  Or let the system do it for you and cross pollinate your personal and business connections?

Skype on Blackberry (Verizon) goes live !!

Skype has released the download page for the Verizon Blackberry version.  They already had the webpage up for Blackberry, but the official VZW one is now alive as shown below. Loading was fast and easy on the Tour.  We had an issue on the Storm (v1) but will work to see why it didn’t load right immediately.  Testing will begin right away with a full review.

Skype mobile for Verizon

I confirmed that it would not function on other carriers, as shown in this screen shot

Only for Verizon