Are stars humans?  Do they have private lives?  Imagine if everytime you attempted to go to the store, buy a coffeee or eat with friends and family they took pictures and asked for autographs?  Sounds tough.  But now let’s take it to the next step.  Imagine if someone was broadcasting, not just to their friend over a quick cell phone call, but to everyone in the world?  A site is not live that does just that.

Gawker Stalker was launched where you go in and put the exact place, time and who was spotted.  People are entering what the star is wearing, what they chose to eat or drink and even their supposed emotion at that moment.  A mashup Google map sits on the side and gives number locations for the stars on the left.

So for thsoe hungry to just see a star, their privacy was just shot down one more notch, where they are not getting into a social network and sending their location, someone else is for them.

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