Interesting article and survey review from Human Resources Magazine.  In it they make the simple statement that I used in the title, 1/3 of HR staff peek at your Facebook/MySpace accounts and then a mere 24% don’t like what they read.  We won’t even go into the recruiters yet.

Where does the line get drawn between what you do in private and how it affects their view of you at the workspace?  Why would a rude comment on Facebook, made to the public, not anyone specifically generate interest from your employer?

The answers i the transparency of what used to be private.  You could hang around with your friends and family and have any discussion you wished.  If a co-worker was invited over (mainly a boss) the conversation was never the same tone or content.  You kept a definiteive line between both sides.  With the introduction of Facebook and other social network sites into the enterprise, the line is being slowly erased.

If your boss attempts to be your friend online, are you to say no?  How would that look to them?  Do you grudglinly accept their request and wonder why?  Is it an attempt to see more of who you are and your real attitudes or do they consider you a friend?

This all needs to be brought into perspective and you need to learn about the transparency of your lifestyle and presence as the two worlds merge like they never have before.  You are sharing data, locations, pictures and lifestyle with not only friends but your employers.

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