Reported on Mashable today, a malware attack under the moniker “hilarious video” is appearing on walls on Facebook.

image courtesy: Electron Plumber

image courtesy: Electron Plumber

Once clicked, it prompts you to download and install a video player that contains the malware.

The fear also resides in the fact it does a few steps anyone should immediately take note of:

  • It prompts for your Facebook login information
  • It installs an application not only in Facebook but on your local machine
  • It asks for your home address in the guise of a contest

Anything asking for your home address should be treated as suspect.  This is something to be passed on to kids and co-workers.

If you have already mistakenly clicked on this and installed the application, update your anti-virus software and run both that and anti-malware software to help get rid of it.  Also, try and uninstall the program if it allows you.

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