A fast buzz is building around the Microsoft opening of So.cl beyond the student population is originally started with.  However, it seems they have reached capacity but do not tell you until after you provide Facebook authentication information that they collect your email address.

You can also watch the video in HD by clicking through to the Spiked Studio channel on YouTube.

Using search functions powered by Bing’s API, So.cl encourages students to search for topics and then create montages of the visually rich web content. The links are automatically shared as you search, in case there are other students looking for the same thing. You can also have “video parties,” which “let you search, and quickly assemble a list of movies to view together with friends.” (Those friends are other online So.cl users.)

There is an opt-out ability at the very end but quite sneaky.  Mainly when they chose not to use their own Windows Live service as an authentication mechanism. Take a peek in the video above.

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