Paul Steel and myself sat at the Flurry VIP party and ran into the founders of Waddle and then attempted to use the payment system Gopago while in the Bing lot.

We were very happy with the interface and functionality of Waddle. The team has made a great product. The following quote from Gigaom was awesome:

It doesn’t force you to log in with your Facebook account. It doesn’t pull in the photos you’ve shared on Instagram. It doesn’t encourage you to share your photos publicly at all. In fact, its goal is to allow you to privately share and comment on your photos with other individuals, or small groups of friends and family. That’s it.

We had mixed feelings on the experience with Gopago. From the lack of locations and the issues with registration, we are keeping it loaded to see if it survives long term on our devices.  While the device did not give us enough prompts on security, the website did have a blurb we should mention:

We are committed to ensuring your security when using GoPago. The handling of your personal information such as payment information is safeguarded by industry standard best practices. All information is sent over 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection and verified by VeriSign to keep information safe. Every purchase is authenticated by a four-digit pin just like using a debit card.

This makes us feel better.

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