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SxSW 2014 – my proposed Social Identity session needs your votes!

I have submitted Social Identity – Public, Personal and Private for a session at SxSW 2014. Of course I need your votes if you think it would be interesting to you and the attendees.  Social Identity in the world

Here is the excerpt on the session:

As you use more social networking sites, your social identity becomes a blend of publicly shared and personal information.
Based on the upcoming book, see firsthand how innocuous things you share can be used to gain access to your private data and learn tricks to block those attempts.

We will explore the different levels of information and how to segregate the data. Learn techniques to isolate your private banking, credit card and health information, while still feeling comfortable sharing on public and personal sites.

By splitting how you participate in the online world of social networks, communities and even online finance you build a virtual wall.

We will also discuss the creation of a private and also a fake persona to help strengthen the barrier of your private identity and prevent identity theft.

I have presented the smaller version for this Social Identity session in Australia and the book is coming along nicely to coincide with the session. So what I need you to do is go vote vote vote and share share share

SxSW app previews of GonnaBe and Bonfyre | TheSocialNetworker Episode 39

Paul Steel and Chris Miller open the South By Southwest 2013 floodgates with app previews of GonnaBe and Bonfyre.  SxSW and SxSWi has become a pivotal launch point for mobile applications.  In many instances a make or break scenario. Here is the breakdown of these two applications in the video.

SxSW apps : Hoot.Me, Zamp and,

Paul Steel and Chris Miller at SxSW 2012 in Austin, TX sit live at the FedEX Food Truck to cover the apps Zamp, and the Facebook app Hoot.Me.

We were very unimpressed with Zamp.  We felt it lacked enough function and capability to have us coming back.  At one point we thought Paul had uninstalled it even before the show was recorded.  Hoot.Me was a Facebok web app that is very cool for homework collaboration.  While the school list is still small and growing, we feel the app has potential and we talk about why.  Rounding up the reviews was that gives a very cool interface into video watching, searching and sharing.  The main focus is YouTube but it does support other platforms.

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SxSW apps : Draw Something, Eventbrite and FedEX app reviews

Draw Something Eventbrite FedEX

Paul Steel and Chris Miller at SxSW 2012 in Austin, TX sit live at the FedEX Food Truck to cover the apps Draw Something, Eventbrite and the awesome FedEX mobile app.

Draw Something from OMGPOP took over quick and made them huge amounts of money from the premium version and in app purchases.  Eventbrite left us wanting so much more and the lack of actual usage at SxSW was obvious.  Thanks to the FedEX social media team for letting us record at their food truck and the app is constantly in use from Paul long before we even got to SxSW.

Do not forget to catch up with all the SxSW app review videos on YouTube from Spiked Studio and Living Life Mobile.