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How to create a Pokestop for Pokemon Go. Good for businesses?

Pokemon Lure module

I could go into Pokemon Go security or even how to play, but what about creating Pokestops as a way to increase foot traffic to your business? As brought up by a friend during a Facebook posting, a Pokestop can be beneficial.

What is a Pokestop?

As defined by Niantic Labs, a Pokestop is a place to collect items such as Pokeballs, eggs and a ton of other items to help you catch, grow and maintain Pokemon.  Sounds simple right? There are so many online resource right now showing you every corner of Pokemon Go you should have no trouble learning the game.

Why should I suggest a new Pokestop as business?

But how can a business benefit from Pokestops? Unless you were in a historic marker, public place or other location that Niantic knew about and had on their Ingress map (another game from Niantic Labs) you were out of luck.  Well as of July 14th 2016 they have an online form to suggest Pokestop locations.  This form can be found right here in their help system.

Imagine now that you want to drive foot traffic to your business? Building a Pokestop forces people to come into your business range to access the stop to get the goods. While you do not control the main items that are offered, you can drop gifts or Lure Modules. What is a Lure Module?

If a player purchases one of the Lure Modules from the in-game Shop, the player can place a lure at any PokeStop to increase the amount of Pokemon who will gravitate to that area – and this will benefit any other players in the area. You can even see when a PokeStop is under the influence of a Lure Module on the map by looking for the showering of pink petals, and interacting with the PokeStop will have an icon that details who used the lure.  A new Pokemon will show up approximately every 3 minutes. Lure Modules can be purchased from the Shop either one for 100 PokeCoins, or 8 Modules for 680 PokeCoins. Additionally, when the trainer reaches certain levels – like level 8, they will also receive a free Lure Module. See the Level Rewards page to see which levels reward Lure Modules.

So as a company there may be a small investment of virtual coins to draw customers to your doorstep. This sounds like a winning investment to me no matter how you look at it. Foot traffic can at least get your name known or maybe a few dollars of business just because they are there.  Right now thousands of people are investing time in a game that makes them walk around. I think as a business taking advantage of anything to grow business is a win.  (Even make yourself a custom SnapChat geofilter for added promotion).

It seems they may have been overwhlemed with requests for new Pokestops as the form line to request new ones is down again. You can get a feel for every stop they initially put up since it used the Ingress map. You can catch that anytime right here on the Ingress intel page

GoGo Entertainment app review – GoGo quickly away from it

Many airlines are turning their in-flight entertainment over to GoGo Entertainment (who also controls GoGo Internet in the flights). The use and flow of this application as an entertainment server is horrid. Here is my story.

On a recent American Airlines flight (formerly US Air leg from St Louis to Charlotte) I noticed all the in seat music was disabled. The magazine and agents directed me to the GoGo Internet to then hook into the GoGo Entertainment to get the music, movies and TV shows. I presumed some would be free and some would be pay. I presumed I could use any newer device for sure. I successfully connected to the GoGo Internet and the link given to get the entertainment was invalid. Here is the link they give in the magazine

American Way Magazine entertainment














Now attempting to go tho that page while in fight or even here at the computer shows that it is invalid; the page could not be displayed. The real link is or to get to the right page.

Mobile Passport app from US Customs – review

Recently US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) launched the Mobile Passport application for everyone entering through select airports. The Mobile Passport allows you to skip the lines and even the new automated kiosks and head straight to a special (hopefully quicker and shorter) line.  At the time of writing this there were five airports currently live and the ability to email them your next choices.

The Mobile Passport App by Airside Mobile lets you skip the line at US airports for Custom and Border Protection (CBP). Just fill out your profile and answer CBP’s questions – then go straight to the “Mobile Passport Control” express lane at the airport!

To get the application you can head to the official website and click the links for the iOS or Android versions so you know you are getting the real CBP apps.  While I did not find any fake ones yet, you will be scanning and entering your actual US Passport information so I would make sure it is the real one you are downloading.

Us Mobile Passport setup

Setup of the application itself was quite simple.  You enter your profile information from your official US Passport. This includes taking a picture of yourself and then scanning the barcode on your passport or entering it all manually.  I did this step both ways and like the scanning but did not get it to work every time.  Another bonus is that a single family can all use one app.  Each person needs a profile/entry into the application. but you do not all need the app on your phone.  Individuals travelling would need the app installed.

YouTube Red – a week in review

YouTube logo

I had to spend some serious time with YouTube Red to really get a valid opinion. So a week of deep diving and usage and here is my review and opinions.  The first thing I had to take into account was how much do the ads really bother me?  Honestly I am so used to them since the start I ignore them.  Even the additions of cards, links and other monetization doesn’t dissuade me and the masses from watching.

With YouTube Red you enter a world of

Ad-free videos whenever you sign in to YouTube or a YouTube app—on your mobile device, desktop, or enabled TV. Take your videos on your commute or your next trip. Relax or rock out to your music without listening to ads. Watch what you want, whenever you want.

Now in theory that sounds great. But most YouTube videos are about 4 minutes and I am always connected when it is important.  I do not see myself worrying about 4 minute videos when on a plane.  I have movies and other media for that.  Heck they really do not even have an official YouTube Red logo yet.


I was slightly shocked at the $9.99/month fee (even with the free trial period) for YouTube Red.  While I may “Keep supporting artists and the people who make your favorite videos, even while watching without video ads” I am sure most are making a ton of money off of ads already. How is my $9.99 subscription paid across the content creators? Number of views? Downloads? Subscribers?  What if I watch if offline 400 times, do they get more? I see a big flaw in this model if they are losing ad revenue.