launches for SxSW and accesses your contacts logo first entered the iTunes store in February 2014 and are preparing for a SxSW appearance for the first time. A privacy policy for the app worries us. They collect both anonymous and identifiable information.

The service is a video sharing platform that records the reaction of the receiver and sends it back to the sender. For example I record a skating video (maximum time is 16 seconds) with a person falling. I send the video to a friend via the app. When they watch the video it is simultaneously recording their reaction to the video. This recording is then sent right back to me for viewing.

What was interesting was the access and information it needed when performing these features

How to revoke and block third-party Instagram app access to your account

instagram logo

How do you revoke and block third-party app access to your Instagram account? Here are the steps required. Instagram has numerous third-party applications that people are allowing access to their account by loading them on their devices and via the web.

Everytime you add another application, it prompts you to log in using your Instagram username and password via their authentication API. By doing this, you are then giving certain rights to that application.  Some rights you may give are:

  • Access your basic information (Includes photos, friend lists & profile info)
  • Like photos
  • Comment on photos
  • Follow/Unfollow other users

Keep in mind some of these apps only do the above with your express permission, while others may do it automatically.  You have to pay special attention to what permissions the third-party app is looking for. To start checking what apps have what access and to revoke third-party access you need to access your Instagram account via the web.

Instagram login box

Once logged in, click on your image and name in the upper right and select Edit Profile. You will then get a list of options on the left side that allow everything from changing your password, editing your profile and managing applications.  That is where we are headed.

Would you hand over 30,000 Instagram followers for free?

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How much are 30,000 real Instragram followers worth? Apparently free to young artist Luz, courtesy for SuicideGirl Carrina Vargas.  With everyone putting a dollar value on the number of social media followers across the networks, you see brands and people try to build followers and sell or leverage them to sell advertising.  No one just hands the account over freely do they?

Well I watched Noelle (formerly @carrinavargas on Instagram and now do just that. She made one final post as she started a new account and said goodbye to her fans.

Carrina Vargas goodbye

So what happened to the followers that had taken the time to click that blue follow button on Instagram turning it green when Noelle happily turned her account over to the young aspiring artist named Luz?

How succeeded and failed me at CES 2014 logo

Bandwagon, a shared cab and rideshare car service , had a decent presence at CES 2014. This service forces you to socially share your destination to their service and eventually who you share a cab with. That is the first thing to keep in mind when using the service. I had the opportunity to use the service more than once and here is where it succeeded and failed me.


I first encountered Bandwagon trying to get a cab between the convention center and ShowStoppers at CES. The cab line was very long and their staff was working the line to get you to install the application and use the service.  If you signed up and gave them your destination, you were moved to a dedicated line ahead of the crowd.

The first part of the failure was once you entered your info at their kiosk, it said to keep your place in line in case a match was not found. That was impossible since you had to leave it to use their kiosk. Looking back at the line we waited through I cringed. Adding to that was their application was 14MB in size on Android and the network there was incredible slow. That might be due to the 50,000 people milling around.