A recent article on TheNextWeb spotlighted a possible data leak for Facebook Notes to search engines.  The original report showed how using a simple Google query would bring up Notes from Facebook even with profiles set to private.

Facebook soon responded that yes, the user profiles are private, but the Notes section for the users was public.  A possible combination you can establish in Privacy settings.

This is one of the reasons we push you to watch the videos we are producing on how to properly set and check your privacy settings in Facebook to block unwanted content from being publicly available.

Most would not place or consider very personal information in Notes from everyone we have friended in Facebook.  But even simple information being placed there could be cached and found later through the search engines as you apply for jobs and school.  Referencing and joking about sexual content, racism or off topic jokes could be frowned upon and cost you something in the future.

Visit all of your settings and give them a check.

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    Turning this off only controls if a search engine will link to your profile in a search engine’s search results.

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