I ran across an amazing site that allows photographers to take 360 degree panoramic pictures.  Amazing quality, production and time invested from every one of them.  Some of the results are outstanding and give you a true sense of what an area, city or natural wonder would be like if you were standing there.  However, the world’s largest sized panoramic was released and I took great interest in how detailed it was.

As you can see in the embedded video, I was able to zoom all the way down to actually see the bag someone was carrying and then move to look into apartments.  While some say this is everyday life, no one can naturally scroll and scan across an entire city while zooming in and out of windows.  Your naked eye can only do so much, it is the enhancements in technology taking this to the next level.

What does this say about privacy? It is slowly moving towards transparency, even in a higher floor of an apartment building.   I still believe in having my window shades open almost all the time, as a home is just a shelter.  Yet, we all have reasonable expectations and morals say we would not sit and stare into others windows (some of us at least).  Does the advent of technology force us into protecting our privacy more?  Or does it question why we hold so many things so private?

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