SxSW Live: Borglar and Arball app reviews

Paul Steel and I race over to Screenburn at SxSW 2012 in the Palmer Center. We got sucked in. Here is the apps we are pushing back out to you.

We not only find amazing video games but some great apps. We find a virtual reality game called Borglar and another called Arball.  One thing is that Borglar is not available everywhere as I could find no tokens for miles when arriving home.  They just weren’t in place yet.  This is common with most startups however.

See the video for our review and make sure to watch the Screenburn 2012 walkthrough in four minutes.

  • Andrew

    Hey Chris and Paul,

    Thank you for the kind words and for getting our message out to the community. Real quick update, the issue where you got home from SXSW was that you found no boxes, coins or medallions. What we have done is auto populate these items around the gamer so that everyone will have something to get without us or the business having to add these things. We are able to create demand for cool prizes in the area as well due to these items auto populating around the gamer. Look for this to take effect on our next update. Being a startup and learning from our users and those who cover the message of borglar really helps us to refine our system. We want the best for everyone participating with Borglar. Thanks guys!

    – Borglar Staff

  • IdoNotes

    Thanks for the update! We are glad you liked the video as well. We had fun with it as you can see. Feel free to share or embed the video on your site for one of the reviews.
    We will look for the updates. I think I received one on Android just after getting back from SxSW