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Facebook Messages – control your privacy

Facebook Messages have begun rolling out to everyone at a slow pace.  If you never allowed them to have email before, they will soon.  Facebook Messages gives everyone the ability to have an email address and a chosen username.  If you have been limiting your kids from email all this time, it will be automatic for them according to Facebook.

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They also handle the interaction differently.  You are able to send and receive email just as messages would appear.  This ability open them to communication outside of the walled garden of Facebook itself. There are steps you can take to limit the communication of this new email ability through privacy controls.  We have a screencast and podcast (both from our sister sites TheSocialNetworker and TheSocialGeeks) does a quick walkthrough of the setup procedures and links to important help files.

The new privacy settings interested me more after reading them twice.  You are able to set the level of who can email you based on everyone, friends of friends and just friends.  that part fits the other models Facebook has implemented.  However, friends are able to email you from any email address they register with Facebook.  So this is a reverse privacy issue.

When you established your account with Facebook you provided a single email address.  Most people only have one.  Now Facebook is asking you to enter all of your possible email addresses so you could email in to any friend from any of them.  This gives Facebook even more information on you as a person by associating email names, domains and possibly company names (if you use your company email) with your profile.  People have not given this portion that much thought.

I would suggest you head out and quickly claim your name on Facebook, even if you do not use the email functions, ever.   An example is my network page on Facebook.  The URL would be (if you feel like becoming part, it is where I funnel all of my information on Facebook).  So read the linked help files in the sister postings, watch the short screencast and get your Facebook Messages under control early.

You can see the entire screencast in HD on YouTube or embedded below.

TheSocialNetworker Episode 15 – Rockmelt the social browser

I waited until Rockmelt had a few updates before joining the beta to produce this screencast showing the setup, basic functions and my opinions on the interface.  I focus on ease of setup and usability once installed.

Overall I was happy with the speed of configuration and ease of use.  I was concerned with the mass appeal of this tool.  I think hardcore Facebook users would get immediate benefit.  Early adopters will have a hard time staying in the UI with the other tools we have already entrenched ourselves in for Facebook and Twitter.

RockMelt synchronizing

TheSocialNetworker Episode 14 – Facebook Messages setup and privacy

NOTE: Make sure you listen to TheSocialGeeks Episode 30 that we recorded last night on the same topic.

In this short screencast I walk you through the coming setup for Facebook Messages and what privacy concerns you should have.  Pay special attention to the links below for the direct links to the help files on the new Facebook Messages you will all soon have rolled out.

Everyone should make sure you have selected a custom name on Facebook.  If not, this setup will force you to do so.  The sooner you grab one, the better your chance at getting the name you want.  You can see my personal URL in the screencast or better yet, join my Facebook Network.

Remember, you can find me as IdoNotes across all the networks

TheSocialNetworker Episode 13 – Seesmic Desktop 2 screencast

Seesmic launched version 2 of their desktop software, with a plug-in architecture included.  I walk through these are in the screencast:

  • setup
  • account management
  • options
  • the interface

and more in this less than 8 minutes.  Learn what I think and if it is worth you switching your existing client to.

Remember, you can find me as IdoNotes across all the networks