We often give you insight into controlling the data you share across the networks and teaching the kids on what should be considered good sharing and bad sharing.  This falls into reputation control.

Apparently some apps were pulling your credentials and starting to spam your contacts with phishing sites.  Trend Micro are reported to have uncovered them and reported back to Facebook who pulled them.  Be on the lookout for some of the following:

So far, six malicious applications have been identified: "Stream", "Posts", "Your Photos", "Birthday Invitations", "Inbox (1)," "Inbox (2)"

So this goes beyond the simple matter of what information your produce but into the matter of friends trusting the links you produce and protecting that reputation.  If you start spamming contacts or sending harmful information, they soon distrust your data and many remove you as contacts.

Peek at the links before clicking and pay special attention to the applications you are loading.  For the younger audience, this screenshot from Trend Micro shows where to start looking.

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